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Grausame Töchter live in Brno! / Support: PULSE & Blood Pact

Narozeninová párty Clubbers die Younger letos proběhne ve spojení s organizátory rakouských Lunatic Eclipse a Schattenwelt, abychom vám mohli přivézt dosud možná největší překvapení: GRAUSAME TÖCHTER!
Takže všem jen to nej do Nového roku a těšte se na více info!

Entry: 20h
BLOOD PACT: 20:20h
PULSE: 21:20h
Grausame Töchter: 22:20h
DJ Aftershowparty: 23:30h

Admission: 350ck / 15€ at the door
free entry for Aftershow party!

pre-sale tickets –>

GRAUSAME TÖCHTER produce electronic music to spread emotional coldness.
The music can not be pigeonholed, they include elements from Industrial, EBM, classical, punk, soundtrack and more.
It is a dirty melange junkyard bygone culture. The lyrics celebrate greed, lust and egomania and want to express evil. For people of people, to unknown paths in their own psyche.
GRAUSAME TÖCHTER are characterized by their exceptional show absolutely worth seeing and experiencing.

–> Support: PULSE (Electro-Metal, AT) & BLOOD PACT
–> Aftershow Party: DJane Zlyhad

For entry you must be at least 18 years!

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Monica Jeffries (GB) & Dark Side Eons (Pl) live! proudly presents another dark-alternative night with 2 extraordinary concerts + aftershow-Party!

Entry: 20:00h // Admission 10€ // 250 CZK

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Dark Side Eons: 20:45h
Monica Jeffries: 22:00h

Aftershowparty: 23:30h
Admission for Aftershowparty-only: 4€ // 100 CZK (free for concert visitors!)


Solo project by the vocalist, composer, producer Monica Jeffries.

It did not take very long for Monica Jeffries to build up a growing fan base and her music has been positively acclaimed by the critics and celebrated musicians from the underground electronic scene. Her self composed & produced Dark Synth Pop / Synth Rock songs have the power to both hypnotize & captivate the audience.


Dark Side Eons is a duo from Poland playing Electro-Industrial / Dark Wave / Electro Wave.
Musical style was crystalized in 2015 after many days of hard work under the sounds and melodies, the same year Kate and Leszek created most of the songs for their first release. Dark Side Eons played many gigs in years 2015 – 2016, always with possitive feedback, and in 2016 band has won an opportunity to play on the biggest gothic festiwal in Austria – Schattenwelt Festival 2016. In 2017 the band will be playing at Castle Party Festival in Poland.

Music of Dark Side Eons is multidimensional, each song is a story, a journey through time, dimensions, and the endless, cold universe. Kate and Leszek take their inspirations not only from electronic music, they are also big fans of minimal wave, dark wave, cold wave, gothic rock and post-punk music. These inspirations can be heard in their compositions, and this is something that makes their style unique.

In 2016 Dark Side Eons joined German label Dark-Tunes Music Group. In october 28th the band released their debut album „Eclipse“.

„NACHT#FRONT“ Aftershow-Party with DJane Zlyhad (CDY – Clubbers Die Younger) & Mijk de.Stino (Schattenwelt Resident)

The EBM/Industrial/Synthpop clubbing project from Mijk de.Stino is to emerge again at several venues in Central Europe. Driving rhythms, pregnant bass and remarkable vocals are the main influences for this kind of music and assure a crowded dancefloor!

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