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ElectriCentrope 2018

#ElectriCentrope ⚡ am Samstag den 2. Juni mit 4 live Bands + Aftershowparty!

Unterschicht // Dark Electro, Oldenburg (De)
Kult Of Red Pyramid // Dark Electronics/Industrial, Zagreb (Cro)
System Noire // Dark Electro/Synthpop, Hannover (De)
Noisy Deafness // Industrial/EBM, Hungary

Aftershowparty ab ca. 0h mit DJ Terrorissmo (Electronic Saviour) & DJane Trixidal

Tickets ab 1. April via und ab 10. April auch im Asmalia Gothic Shop, 1070 Wien

–> online tickets <–

pres. by
Lunatic Eclipse Booking & Event Promotion
electronic Fallout

ElectriCentrope: Velvet Acid Christ & 4:25twins Live!

For the First time in Austria, Velvet Acid Christ VAC Live !!!

Support: 4:25twins !EC_Flyer_A5_VS

Entry: 20:30h
beginn of concerts: 21:00h

Beginn of Aftershowparty ~ 23:30h (admission € 5.-)

Terrorissmo – Electronic Saviour Resident
Mijk de.Stino – Lunatic Eclipse Resident

& via Lunatic Eclipse !
–> Presale: € 13.- (€ 15.- at the venue)
–> Tour Ticket: € 25.-
–> VIP Tour Ticket: € 50.-

Velvet Acid Christ VAC – Industrial/Dark Electro, Colorado/USA

Started in 1990, The one core member is Disease Factory aka Bryan Erickson. Revolving door of musicians and talent over the years. The theme is: dance music with edge, drugs, anti mainstream, anti religion underground music for freaks and mind exploration. This is music for strange
people. We do not lie about it.

In 1996: VAC’s first lp „Church of Acid“ Was a hardcore rought sounding lp and spawned one hit „Futile“. In 1998 Calling of the dead was a huge
improvement and spawned the hits „Phucking Phreak“, „The Hand“, „Malfunction“, In 1999 VAC shocked the world with its alternative dance LP „Fun With Knives“ Spawning big club hits such as „Slut“, „Fun With Drugs“, „Decypher“, and „Icon“. In 2000: „Dial8“ and „Lysergia“ got club play from the lp Twisted Thought Generator. In 2003: „Pretty Toy“ Was the only Hit from Hex Angel LP. In 2006 „Ghost in the Circuit: A haunting slow ethereal dance hit got radio play“, „Machine“ and „Crushed“ Were the other two hits. In 2009: „Black Rainbows: A goth folk song“ and “ Caustic Disco MF remix“ Were this hits from the Art of Breaking Apart LP. 2012 „Evoked“ and „Bend the Sky“ were the two hits from the lp Maldire.

VAC’s Top influences: The Legendary Pink Dots, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Depeche Mode, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Massive Attack, Portishead, Ladytron.

Velvet Acid Christ is still making new LPS, Most Recent Subconscious Landscapes and Direland the Remix LP. Now we have a greatest hits LP on the way. Next year a new VAC will emerge. Being worked on as this is typed.


4:25twins – Darkwave/Synthpop, Vienna/AT

are the Viennese musicians and producers Wolfgang Watzke (vocals), Markus Koss (guitar) and Paul Müller (guitar). What was originally planned to be a pure electronic venture, grew to more complex sound advanced with real guitar sounds.
Charismatic vocals with enigmatically sombre lyrics, Gothic, Electro and New Wave elements brought together to form the pillar of a synthetic combination of powerful drums and heavy bass, accompanied by the real sound of the guitars. “4:25twins” breaks new ground off the beaten track of the familiar alternative music scene. It’s an uncompromising formation that attracts attention both with its music and its performance, compelling you to listen and submerge into the world of the “4:25twins”.