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Lounge Noire

Getreu dem Motto „Vive la Fête“ wollen wir Euch mit der #LoungeNoire eine exklusive, sündige Nacht bescheren:

Ob zum Tanzen, Spielen, oder einfach nur um sich nett zu unterhalten – der Keller des No Limits ist der ideale Ort für alle Freunde von BDSM, Fetish & Dark Music!

Wir bieten zahlreiche Spielmöglichkeiten wie Flaschenzug, Käfig, Strafbock, Umkleidemöglichketen, eine Dusche, den „Roten Salon“, die Tanzfläche und unsere tolle Bar.

MUSIK: Darkwave // Synthpop // Gothic Electro
präsentiert von DJ Mijk de.Stino & DJ Mike Tzulan

Party-Beginn: 22:00 (Einlass ab 20h)

Eintritt: Frauen 8€, Männer 12€, Paare 20€

DRESSCODE: #LLL // #Gothic // #Uniform // elegant in Schwarz* oder einfach sexy, sündig & frivol


Supported by

Asmalia – Gothic & Fetish Shop Vienna

#LunaticEclipse Event Promotion
*Kein Einlass unter 18 Jahren oder in gewöhnlicher Straßenkleidung! (Sportschuhe, Jeans + T-Shirt/Hemd usw.)

Monica Jeffries (GB) & A Divine Conspiracy live!

Mit großer Vorfreude präsentiert Schattenwelt.at an diesem Abend 2 weitere Konzerte + Aftershow Party aus der dunkel-alternativen Musik-Szene!

–> Tickets (max. 99!) gibt es online im VVK über Ticketjet.at und an der Abendkassa

Einlass: 20:00h
A Divine Conspiracy: 20:45h
Monica Jeffries: 22:00h

#NachtFront Aftershow-Party: 23:15h (4€ Eintritt)


Solo project by the vocalist, composer, producer Monica Jeffries.

It did not take very long for Monica Jeffries to build up a growing fan base and her music has been positively acclaimed by the critics and celebrated musicians from the underground electronic scene. Her self composed & produced Dark Synth Pop / Synth Rock songs have the power to both hypnotize & captivate the audience.


A Gothic-Rock/Synthrock band from Vienna/Austria formed in 2014 by Hel Prixs (Sharon Next) and Alexandra Violet. Even though their formation was just some years ago, the band members can look back on a long music tradition and lots of live performances. In the viennese underground scene ADC has already a name and trustful fans.

“NACHT#FRONT” Aftershow-Party with DJ Duo Noire (System 84) & Mijk de.Stino (Schattenwelt Resident)

The EBM/Industrial/Synthpop clubbing project from Mijk de.Stino is to emerge again at several venues in Central Europe. Driving rhythms, pregnant bass and remarkable vocals are the main influences for this kind of music and assure a crowded dancefloor!

Supported by
Asmalia Gothic Shop

Leæther Strip live in Budapest!

Claus Larsen a.k.a. LEÆTHER STRIP is back in Budapest!


ElectriCentrope – Schattenwelt.at

Leaether Strip (Danmark)

Gunmaker (Hungary)
System 84 (Austria)

After his furious premiere in Hungary last year, the unique artist from Danmark can be seen again live on stage!

Hardly any other musician from the EBM/Industrial scene is electrifying his audience from concert to concert like Leaether Strip! When Claus Larsen enters the stage, every hall is trembling!

LEÆTHER STRIP: This is energy, this is rhythm, this is EBM !!!

→ Gunmaker (HU)

The likeabe synthpop/electro veterans Andrew, Zoltán & János from Szombathely are celebrating the release of their second album among the ElectriCentrope tour 2017!


→ System 84 (Aut)

The EBM trio from Austria has also just released their first studio album „True Happenings“. While aready enjoying a small cult status in the Austrian & Germany EBM scene ist their first concert in the capital of Hungary. Be prepared for their sweeping vibes and some classic covers like „Front 242“!



→ In Addition Club Hell will also hold a driving „AFTERSHOW PARTY“ for all the visitors who wants to party until the break of dawn!

further infos can be found under:

LEÆTHER STRIP is the solo-project of Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. First signed by the German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90’s. LeÊther Strip has been and still is a big inspiration to many of todays younger acts and is still one of the most productive artists in the scene.

After a very successful “Japanese Bodies” 12″, the debut album (“The Pleasure of Penetration” ” released in 1990) instantly established itself as a classic, featuring a punishing rhythm pace and aggressive electronic style with distorted vocals that he has since become renown for and that is often described as “LEAETHER STRIP”s trademark”. The following albums and MCDs allowed LEAETHER STRIP to conquer the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans of electronic industrial music across the world and to become one of the leading acts on the cult Zoth Ommog label. Both “Solitary Confinement” (1992) and “Underneath The Laughter” (1993) albums helped Claus Larsen establishing his position on the music map, reaching top sales in both the European and American electro scenes. While reminding the powerful angst seen in other electro acts such as FRONT 242, SKINNY PUPPY or even NINE INCH NAILS, LEAETHER STRIP rapidly got the reputation to be carrying a deeper message and meaning in his work through his very personal intense music and the sometimes emotional, sometimes political dimension of his lyrics.

After a 5 year break from the music business, from 2000 – 2005, LEAETHER STRIP returned to the scene and since then have been very productive. 2009 Marked the return to the stage, and since then Claus and his partner have been playing shows around the world. LEAETHER STRIP shows are always very energetic and you can expect to hear songs from his whole repertoire.