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Cyberdustrial Revolution IV – Velvet Acid Christ live!

Brutal Partysan with Lunatic Eclipse – Booking & Event Promotion, in partnership with IndiJanez, presents:
🔴 VELVET ACID CHRIST (USA, Industrial Trance)
Velvet Acid Christ (VAC) is an industrial trance/goth band based in Denver, Colorado. The band was formed in 1990 by lead vocalist, musician, and producer Bryan Erickson, and later featured various ex-members of Toxic Coma. The project gained popularity in Europe’s underground nightclub scene during the mid-1990s with the compilation Church of Acid (1996) before expanding into other markets in the goth and industrial subcultures.
Due to their various releases VAC can’t be discribed with one word. It sounds like Industrial Trip-hop Trance, like EBM, Techno and sometimes like Goth or Darkwave. And that’s what fans love on VAC! Every live show is uniqe due to the vast selection of tracks. More than 20 albums, singles, compilations and dozens of remixes have so far been released on multiple formats and plattforms. Concerts in more than 30 states, with many famous bands accross the gothic, industrial and dark electro scene, as well as gigs on the biggest festivals are bookmarks of VAC and attracting fans all over the globe!
🔴 PULSE (Industrial Cyber Space Metal, Austria)
PULSE was founded as a soloproject from Nemesis beside his Black Metal Band ASTAROTH from Austria in the year 2000.
Fascinated and influenced by the typical synthsounds of the 80s´ and such bands like PAIN, SAMAEL and THE KOVENANT which are trying to mix the style of diffrent genres too, Nemesis´ wish became bigger to create a mix of electronic based music with techno, industriel and metal influences. In fact of the activities of his band ASTAROTH, in 2012 Nemesis reactivated his project PULSE. At the end of 2013 he entered the studio with its mastemind Claus Prellinger to produce his first longplayer entitled „Extinction Level Event“.
Whole album called Extinction Level Event:
🔴 MICROCLOCKS (Rock Electronica/Alternative, Germany)
microClocks are from the Ruhr area (Germany). Stylistically, microClocks is rooted in the rock and pop music of the 80s, but likes to snack from the tree of electronica and industrial. Hence, microClocks is far from being a plagiarism of well-known artists.
Powerful guitars, complex arrangements, stomping rhythms and finest synthesizer sounds – with this mixture the last single ‚Is Anybody Out There?‘ jumped to number 8 of the ‚German Alternative Charts‘, followed by news coverage in nearly all relevant scene magazines and daily papers.
Big and small festival and club shows have been performed – from the‚M’era Luna‘ festival in 2014 with headliners like Within Temptation and Marilyn Manson to a tour throughout Germany presented by ‚Sennheiser‘ and ‚intro‘ music magazine.
🔴 DJ Mijk de.Stino (Electro/EBM/Futurepop)
🔴 Funker 101 (Oldschool EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop)
Standart ticket: 15€
Pair tickets (valid for 2 guests): 25€
Group tickets (valid for 4 guests): 40€
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FRIDAY, 31. 5. 2019
MC Pekarna
20h – Doors
20:30h – microClocks
21:30h – Velvet Acid Christ
22:45h – PULSE